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How to configure Western mail app on iOS?

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Configure Western mail app on iOS

Here is a step by step guide explained in detail

Step 1

Open Settings in your phone

Step 2

Click on the Mail section and then on the Accounts section

Step 3

Now, in the Accounts section, click on Add Account.

Step 4

Select Microsoft Exchange and add your Western email address in the section, then click on next.


Step 5

Click on Sign In.


Step 6

When redirected to the website Western University, enter your Western email password, and click on Sign In.

Western mail


Step 7

The following screen might ask you if you trust the app. Click on Continue.


Step 8

At this last step, you can arrange what highlights will be synchronized. For the full insight, leave all highlights checked and click on Save.


Your email would now be able to be accessed from the Western Mail application.

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