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New BGMI 1.6 Update Release Date & Amazing Skills

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BGMI 1.6 Update Release Date


BGMI 1.6 update delivery date will be on September sixteenth, 2021. The new form of PUBG Mobile has come yesterday and presented many new fascinating elements. Look at some new substance of the current update here.

BGMI New Update 1.6 Release Date

The impending adaptation 1.6 of PUBG Mobile has shown up on September fourteenth however BGMI 1.6 update will show up on September sixteenth. There are a great deal of energizing game modes. In addition, we likewise welcome old game modes to return to the game in this form.

bgmi 1.6 update

Attempt to finish all accomplishment missions of the old occasion or game mode before it’s eliminated from the game to procure appealing prizes.

Also, the new RP season will show up just before the delivery date of the new form. The BGMI new season delivery date will fall between September seventeenth and nineteenth. From the past update, the game has changed the component of Royale Pass. PUBG Mobile and BGMI’s RP will be refreshed each month rather than like clockwork like already.

Fix Notes Of the new BGMI 1.6 Update

The impending 1.6 variant of PUBG Mobile worldwide and BGMI in 2021 will bring a great deal of intriguing components, including another game mode, a remastered guide, and some returning game modes.


#1. New Game Mode: Flora Menace

The first and most expected component in the new BGMI 1.6 update should be the Flora Menace mode. It will take off our breath away. To make the game more advanced, shocking, and intriguing, the game designers are adding this new game mode to Erangel. Also, it’s accessible on this guide as it were.

You can see and experience numerous new increments in Flora Menace that make the interactivity more thrilling and fascinating than the exemplary positioned mode. As indicated by the storyline of this new fight royale mode, outsider plants call Yarilo have attacked Erangel, particularly the major metropolitan space of this island subsequent to retaining the extraordinary energy. Then, at that point, these plants make Rejuvenation Barriers that have mending powers.

bgmi 1.6 update

The Cell Matrix is a major spaceship that people made with the desire for getting away. Nonetheless, the attack has made it run wild. As an overcomer of Erangel, you need to examine this transport and recover the energy on it. Nonetheless, Flora Menace is a PvP mode, so you need to battle to remain alive. Remember to plunder weapons and supplies on the boat. DynaHex Supplies will give you better supplies to enjoy more benefit in the fight.

#2. Vikendi 2.0

One more expected element in the forthcoming in the BGMI 1.6 update i.e. the new guide Vikendi 2.0. This remastered map is clearly more shocking and reasonable than accessible guides in BGMI. Also, the game designers appeared to bring the guide Vikendi 2.0 from the PC rendition to this new form of PUBG Mobile and BGMI.

bgmi 1.6 update

You can see the programmed trains going around the guide. Additionally, this snow island has more trees and less snow on the ground. The Dino Park is likewise changed, so it looks more wonderful. It has more present day intensifies where extreme battle will occur all the more regularly. While the old Dino Park was too scantily planned, the enhanced one will be a hot objective on this new guide.

#3. Returning Game Modes

There are some old game modes that will return to BGMI and PUBG Mobile in the bgmi 1.6 update. Large numbers of them are absolutely new in BGMI on the grounds that this new game has been delivered this mid year while a few modes were taken out from PUBG Mobile after the Halloween update.

Metro Royale Reunion: The old endurance game mode will return for certain upgrades in many pieces of Metro Royale. Players actually need to investigate the guide and plunder supplies to offer them at the market to make money and purchase better weapons and stuff.

bgmi 1.6 update

Titans – Last Stand: You got an opportunity to encounter this game mode in the Kong and Godzilla update before. It’s a story mode wherein four players will generate on a major boat and witness the titan battle of Kong and Godzilla against Mechagodzilla.



Get by Till Dawn: A ton of BGMI players haven’t encountered this PvE and PvP mode. Nonetheless, those changing to this game from PUBG Mobile may have played it previously. In Survive Till Dawn, players need to ward off or escape from zombies to remain alive until all adversaries bite the dust. You are provided weapons, defensive layer, medkits, and another essential things to endure. Aside from zombies, players likewise need to kill other human foes to win.

bgmi 1.6 update

Payload 2.0: This is an old game mode in PUBG Mobile with numerous substantial weapons. Players can insight and play with rocket launchers, helicopters, shielded vehicles, and so on The milestone will be more blazing and more perilous because of those Super Weapons.


Disease Mode: It’s one more zombie mode in BGMI 1.6 update however you can be the zombie. Two groups of player-controlled zombies and player-controlled Defenders will fight. Each match has three rounds. Each round keeps going 3 minutes and 25 seconds. Zombie players need to assault Defenders with scuffle assaults and make them contaminated inside 3 minutes. Tainted players are picked arbitrarily inside 25 seconds.

bgmi 1.6 update

Runic Power: It was an exceptional game mode in Erangel in PUBG Mobile 1.2. After that bgmi 1.6 update, Runic Power mode was eliminated. In the current adaptation BGMI 1.6, the game designers brought it once more.

There are three runes with various abilities, including Wind Rune, Ice Rune, and Flame Rune. You can pick one of three Runes and accept its two forces which can be speed buff, harm buff, and protection buff, and so forth.

bgmi 1.6 update

Versus AI: This new game mode happens on the guide Livik. There are two degrees of trouble, including Easy and Normal. The two of them are in the Beta test. In VS AI, players will collaborate with different players to battle against an AI group. Yet, these AI players are more perilous than bots. Try not to belittle them.

New BGMI 1.6 update Download

You can download the new form after the authority BGMI 1.6 update delivery date.

Go to the authority site of Battlegrounds Mobile India and tap on the download button. Then, at that point, you can get the most recent rendition of the game with the freshest substance. Or something bad might happen, you can get the new bgmi 1.6 update from Google Play Store.

PUBG Mobile players can refresh the new form on Google Play Store or App Store today. BGMI players can likewise go to Google Play Store to download this bgmi 1.6 update. It’s not prescribed to download the game from outsider suppliers or you might be perceived as a con artist. KRAFTON has prohibited a great deal of records for cheating. Playing this game with an outsider application is likewise perceive as a cheat in PUBG Mobile.


PUBG Mobile and BGMI New Season

The new season C1S2 in BGMI 1.6 update will complete tomorrow, September sixteenth. The following season with the subject Chef’s Special is just around the corner. There are a ton of new themed skins, for example, the Farm Fresh Set and the Deep Fried Set. The two of them are truly cute and staggering.

The Lone Wolf Set is extremely cool with a baffling style. Besides, there are many new parachute skins, plane completes, rucksack skins, weapon skins, decorations, and new acts out in the Free and Elite Royale Pass.

The cost and instrument of BGMI and PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Month 3 are not quite the same as BGMI Royal Pass Month 1. It actually costs players 360UC to 960UC per season for Elite Pass and Elite Pass Plus. The free pass costs you nothing.


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