Meaning in Hindi – हिंदी में मतलब क्या है

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Meaning in Hindi – हिंदी में मतलब क्या है

c/o meaning in Hindi – c/o full form

When we have to send our letters to an address and then a parcel, then there we use the name of a person and that is why we will tell you through this post what is the full form of C / O (C / O Full Form) and what is its full name in Hindi.

What is the full form of C/O – What is the full form of C/O in Hindi?

The full form of C/O is Care of.

In Hindi we can say care of which means to take care of.

When we write a letter to someone and a familiar person is staying or working at some address, then we use it before their address in the envelope.

We do not use its full name, but we only write its short form.

C/O means Bengali

In an effort

C/O full form in Marathi

Care of

C/O legal meaning


C/O full form in Medical

complaining of

C/O full form in Aadhar card

Care of

Most of us go out somewhere or the other at some point or the other, whether for studies or for a job.

At that time we do not have any address of our own, rather we live in the address of others. At such a time, when someone writes us a parcel delivery or letter, then due to not having an address, we send it to the address in which we are staying.

At that time we have to use the name of the owner of our room or the landlord in the address we are living and that is why we use his name before our husband and that is why it is used. is.


You often have to go out of the house, some go to study, some here to do a job and we have to stay at other’s address.

We either live by renting a room or stay with a relative, but this is the reason why we use the address of the place where we live as we do not have any address of our own as well as use their name

This is the reason why we told you that when we stay at someone else’s address, we use C/O but most of us do not know what is the full form of C/O. C/O in Hindi) And that’s what we went through in this post.

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